Catering boynton beach

Catering boynton beach is now as easy as ABC, with the number of services popping up every other corner! While some of them cannot hit the mark, others are making a name in amazing catering services. Let’s have a look:

Laura Ashley Catering & Events

411 South Federal HWY , Hour Cucina Building, Boynton Beach , FL 33435 •

They take pride in calling themselves ‘boutique’ caterers because they have themes for menus in loads of diversities. You can customize your menu according to your desire. They take up all responsibility for the event which means they’ll be the ones setting up the tables, bringing the food and even tidying up once the event is over. They offer plating system, buffets and family servings. The crockery as well as utensils are also their own obligation but with your input of course.

Catering CC

1599 sw 30th Ave , Palm Beach County, FL 33426 •

Same as the one mentioned above, you can personalize the menu here too. Their expert niche of cooking, which has also earned them medals, is classical coupled with a tang of Florida & Caribbean flavors. Not only their food, but their decoration department is also up to the mark. They’ve been in business for nearly 3 decades now, so they know how to gratify customer demand for the wedding as well as keep their financial wishes intact.

Sweet Monáe Personal Chef Services

Boynton Beach, FL 33437 •

Next up in catering boynton beach are Sweet Monáe Personal Chef Services who are a dream come true for people wanting smaller events/home weddings. Their upper limit for guests is around 50 for which they customize your experience as per your demands. They are responsible for all the food prep, serving, cleaning etc. Here’s the coolest part of their service: they make all the food on the venue in front of your eyes! Last but not the least, they also provide meals per week for couples who’re pulling their hair out with last minute wedding preparations!

Chez Gourmet Catering

1716 Corporate Dr, Boynton Beach, FL 33426 •

Last up in catering boynton beach are Chez Gourmet, that is name known to many thanks to their years of service. They already have a ‘fan following’ for their exceptional catering of foods from all around the globe with such scrumptious tastes as well as finesse that guests will be licking their fingers off at the end!